Certified Secure Cloud Software Certifications

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It’s no surprise that professionals are searching for certified secure cloud software. These certificates can help professionals grow their careers and meet the demands of employers for security-savvy employees. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which certificate is most appropriate for your needs.

To obtain this certification, it is necessary to establish a solid foundation of IT and cybersecurity expertise. This can be accomplished through online courses, bootcamps, or even a degree. Professionals can then pick the areas they want to pursue in their future careers.

If they’d like to pursue the CompTIA Security+ certificate, they can show their knowledge of cloud computing operations and cloud security for data. Alternatively, those interested in working with the cloud infrastructure leader can obtain the Amazon Web Services Certified Security Specialty certification. This certification focuses on access and identity, data and infrastructure, and compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Another option is the GIAC Security Automation certificate (GCSA). This certificate focuses on integration of security into DevOps that makes it a perfect fit for software architects and developers who work in a cloud-based environment. It covers cloud security fundamentals and the use of a range of automated monitoring tools for DevOps environments. Visit this GCSA page to find out more.


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