Best Practices for Taking Minutes at Board Meetings

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When it comes to taking minutes at board meetings there are several best practices that can amplify the efficiency of your organization. No matter if you’re the secretary for the board or simply taking notes, adopting these guidelines can make it easier to obtain accurate and clear board meeting minutes every time.

Start by reviewing the meeting agenda. A structured agenda will help you keep track of your meeting minutes, making it easier to find later. It’s also beneficial to create an outline for yourself to fill out as the board’s meetings progress. This will ensure that the information in the minutes are relevant and is formatted in a consistent manner.

Attendance Note: It is crucial to note who is present in the room for your last minutes. You can do this by either noting names on the agenda or passing out a sign-in sheet and recording the results. This will allow you to include a complete attendance list in board minutes.

Stay with your outline. Even in the event that the discussion diverges from the original topic, it’s important that you stick to your outline. Staying on topic makes it easier to write a concise and clear minutes of the meeting, which reflects the decision-making process of your company. Keep track of the results of each motion, which includes the exact wording of the motion, who initiated it and who voted for or against it. Include any reports that were reviewed or handouts distributed at the meeting and any alternatives considered for major decisions.


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