Board Meeting Preparation

The agenda for a board meeting is one of the most crucial components for successful board meetings. A well-planned agenda for meetings will help the discussion stay focused and you can try these out cut down on topics that are not important. It will also ensure that all members of the board are prepared to engage in the discussion at hand.

Before the board meeting, the executive team should concentrate on a few important topics they would like to get out of the meeting. This will avoid the possibility of a boardroom train that is sped up and instead keep the discussion productive and relevant.

Once the agenda for the board meeting is approved the board admin should distribute it to all directors, ensuring that they have the chance to review the material in advance of the meeting. This allows them to draw out key points and answer any questions they may have prior to the meeting. Additionally directors are given the opportunity to submit any reports required to be submitted or re-read.

The general counsel or a designated representative, should also go through any documents made by management to ensure consistency and look for typos. They should also ensure that there is an area that lists attendees and draft language for the decisions that will be needed.

The chair should also check in with any directors or chairs of committees that have been assigned action items from prior meetings, to make sure they’re still on the right track. This is an excellent way to stay on top of any developments and give an up-to-date status updates.


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