Best Finance Audiobooks

Whether you’re an investor looking to master the stock market, or simply trying to get your personal finances in order, knowledge is power. The best finance audiobooks will teach you about the stock market and money. Audiobooks are great because they can be listened to while doing other tasks, such as going to work, or preparing meals for the week.

Audible provides a variety of finance and investment audiobooks that cover topics ranging from wealth creation to investment strategies. For example the classic investment audiobook Benjamin Graham’s intro to fundamental analysis, The Intelligent Investor, is a must-listen for all investors. Another classic personal finance book, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, provides a practical guide for creating wealth and financial freedom.

If you’re looking to listen to an audiobook on the stock market that will entertain you, try Michael Lewis’s Liar’s Poker. It tells the tale of his time on Wall Street. It’s a tale of testosterone, egos, and pure greed, and it’s an entertaining listen.

If you prefer, you can check out David Bach’s Get Rich Slowly or Vicki Robin’s goal-setting book Your Money or Your Life. Or, if you’re interested in understanding the latest forces that are at work in the market for stocks, look through our collection of audiobooks about the most recent financial trends and movements -like AI and algorithmic trading.


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