Smart Technologies for Traffic Management

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Controlling traffic on the road is not easy, especially in cities with high density. Overcrowding leads to delays, accidents, and environmental degradation. Smart technologies can help drivers and pedestrians get where they need to go efficiently and safely.

IoT technology allows the collection of data that can enhance urban mobility and transportation systems, including parking lots and traffic lights. The data collected can aid in decision making about reducing traffic congestion, improving safety and efficiency, and enhancing economic sustainability.

For instance, if a traffic signal senses that one direction has more vehicles arriving than another, it can automatically adjust its timing to better serve those drivers. This can save time and fuel for motorists, and reduces carbon emissions from idle cars. Smart traffic lights can also be programmed to adjust their timings in real-time in response to road conditions, such as construction zones or traffic jams. This drastically reduces the interruption of traffic flow, and can reduce time to travel by 10% or more.

These innovations can help city planners avoid costly infrastructure improvements and overcrowding, and they can also spot structural issues, such as bridges that might be unsafe or under-construction. Also, they can aid in helping emergency vehicles get to the roads swiftly. Each minute that an ambulance or firetruck is delayed due to a traffic collision can significantly reduce the likelihood of survival for the victims.

To enable these and other smart technologies to function efficiently they require a reliable, scalable, and secure network infrastructure. That’s why Spectrum Enterprise provides the connectivity required to power IoT sensors in smart traffic management systems, as well as the interfaces that give useful insights.


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