Interdisciplinary Science and Business

The scientific method has been responsible for many of the most important technological breakthroughs in the history of technology. Companies that embrace science have an advantage in competition. It’s important to keep in mind that science is not just about innovation. It’s about understanding the world and how people use products or service.

Scientists are usually absorbed in their work and focused on expanding knowledge. It is the entrepreneur who can turn this discovery into something that is beneficial to society. This requires a different set skills, including scepticism as well as an emphasis on material. While science is often driven by a sense of curiosity, a feeling of intuition and prior see this site knowledge, it is important to include scepticism and methods like external and internal peer review, random control trials and similar to prevent blind optimism.

It’s not all about profit. It’s about making decisions that benefit customers, employees, and shareholders over the long-term. The challenge is creating a framework which supports both sides, and recognizes their interdependence.

The option of majoring in Interdisciplinary Science and Business offers a unique chance to develop a framework integrating these two areas of knowledge so that you are prepared for an enviable career in any field of business. The interdisciplinary program is managed jointly by Penn State Behrend’s School of Science and the Black School of Business, and is among only a handful of undergraduate business science programs across the country. You can tailor your education by choosing a block of courses from either the business or science aspect that best fits your needs.


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