How Math and Technologies Are Connected

Math is a crucial component of modern technology. From conceiving new medical treatments to enhancing transportation systems and advancing energy sources, the basis of every technology is built on mathematical principles. Many students still struggle to understand the significance of math. It is important to keep in mind that no amount math technology can substitute a skilled teacher.

In addition, teachers must be able to help students develop positive attitudes towards the use of technology and mathematics. Pierce and Ball (2009) claim that teachers can make learning enjoyable for students with digital tools such as interactive whiteboards. They also stress the importance of ensuring that students have an in-depth knowledge of the software they use to use it effectively.

Another way math and technology are connected is through the use of mathematical models. These models are designed to facilitate the creation of sharable and modifiable representations of mathematical or scientific phenomena. The model is an educational tool that facilitates learning by enabling students to create and share public records of thought.

Despite the advantages of mathematical models,, they cannot fully explain how math functions as a technology in society. This is due to the perceived impartiality that mathematical truths convey. This is why the rigor of mathematically formulated decisions is frequently cited as contributing to the absence of disagreement over issues like health risks from cellular phone radiation or economic policies.


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