Invest in Board Management Software That Works For Your Board

Put your money into the future of your board by investing in an application that supports best practices for governance. Making decisions faster, more efficient and achieving more goals for the organization you manage is much easier when you use board management software that is designed to function the way boards work.

Boards’ inability to understand and track communications is the main cause of poor performance. Board portals can help with these problems by providing a clear definition of communications and storing all notes and documents in one place. Board-approved solutions also offer high-level security and encryption. (Not free or low-bit encryption).

A well-chosen solution will aid in improving governance by promoting good practices such as setting deadlines for meetings, and including security and health items on the agenda. A reputable vendor will provide training, customer support, and have a history of releasing new product enhancements to meet evolving requirements of governance.

Assess the capabilities of a software for managing boards solution by forming teams that survey all the participants during the current board cycle to determine their issues and find solutions. To get the most value from your assessment, if you can you should run the board session using both the current solution and the new one. Choose a solution that allows you to add other groups, like working groups or committees and also provides granular permission management, so that members of the group only see what they are expected to see.


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