The Best Virtual Data Room Providers for Startups

As a business owner you require a virtual data center that gives value for money. This means that you require an application that is able to perform the essential features to help you meet your goals, and is easy for you to learn and use. It is essential to choose the right VDR because theft of confidential business data can cost a significant amount and be difficult to recover. There are many free and inexpensive options like Google Drive or DropBox. However, these programs lack the features that are standard in most VDRs. They might not meet the requirements of your company.

Firmex is a well-known online VDR that assists in simplifying crucial and complicated processes, such as due diligence and mergers and acquisitions for companies of all sizes, as well as startups. Its robust reporting capabilities and role-based Q&A tools help to organize communication during the course of a deal and provide valuable insights into project progress. It also supports drag-and-drop to upload large files and folders. The cost depends on the number and size of the projects.

OneHub is a revolutionary file sharing service that protects sensitive data from cyber-attacks. The platform supports more than 25 file formats, and provides an intuitive user interface. It can be used by companies of all sizes and industries that include scientific research, financial services engineering, accounting entertainment, marketing, and more. The platform also lets users to set security settings that are customizable and receive notifications when files are being viewed.

CapLinked is an VDR provider that serves small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. CapLinked’s software is a standard VDR features and security measures, such as instant messaging, a dashboard, and the ability to edit Excel or Word files within the VDR. The company provides mobile applications and 24/7 customer support.


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