Board Management Software For Nonprofits

Improve governance by streamlining the process with an easy, smart board portal. Convene’s meeting statistics and central communication channels make it easier to streamline meeting preparation as well as timely distribution of the documents and effective committee management. Your confidential information is secured with the top security that is the base.

For Non-Profit Organizations

In a time when resources are being stretched, nonprofits are always looking for ways to increase the amount of resources they have to achieve their goals. One method to achieve this is to expand the use of board governance software beyond their boards, to include committees and working groups.

A well-designed portal for boards provides committees with the capability to work together in the creation and distribution of documents, and share documents and notes and hold discussions that can be synced to their own personal email. It facilitates meetings, and provides a forum to exchange ideas between members who are not physically present. The best options to aid board collaboration also allow for the sharing of notes on specific documents, and storage space for corporate documents of reference.

While there are a myriad of options on the market for board governance software However, not all of them are equally. When evaluating options, it’s important to examine the overall cost structure and the features included. It’s also crucial to consider whether the software is intuitive and user-friendly to those with varying levels of ease. It’s important to choose the right partner who is committed to the success of their customers and can provide comprehensive training and support.


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