The Board of Directors and Stakeholders

The board of directors is the most important team that takes on the responsibility of the company, organization or business. The members of the board are volunteers and do not receive any compensation. They are expected to attend meetings and prepare for them, as well as serve on other committees. They are responsible for ensuring the integrity of an organisation and are typically required to sign conflict-of-interest statements.

Depending on the type of business, the number of directors may vary. Smaller companies usually opt for an executive board of five to seven members, while larger organizations require at least nine to eleven directors. The choice of board members should be dependent on the size, complexity, function and requirements for representation of an company. It is crucial to have a diversity of people who have a wide range of abilities and knowledge.

Board members must have a passion for the company and be committed to the success of the business. A good board member is a creative thinker who can find alternative solutions that help an company move forward. A good board member is also one who challenges assumptions and concepts to test their capabilities.

A good board member must be able to raise money for a company. They should be able to utilize their personal connections and positions in the community to draw investors. A board is often involved in fundraisers such as galas, auctions, and tournaments to achieve the financial goals of the business.


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