The Benefits of Deal Management

Deal management is a method which encompasses the entire process your sales team uses to guide prospects through the pipeline of sales. This includes prospecting, qualification, needs analysis, proposal/presentation, negotiation/objection handling, and closing. This also includes post-sales management to ensure your clients are satisfied and happy.

A strong focus on deal management allows your team to standardize procedures and improve the quality of deals, and ultimately boost conversion rates. You’ll need to start by looking at your current sales process and identifying areas that could be improved. You can then design internal procedures, playbooks, or checklists that are tailored to your investment process.

Benefits of dealing management focus include

Enhanced sales pipeline visibility — Rather than tracking their progress on various spreadsheets or emails, your teams can collaborate in real time in one secure location to manage their deals. This helps them identify the best deals based on the valuable signals across the pipeline.

Efficiency increases — By automating and simplifying the process of moving deals forward your sales team can spend less time focusing on admin tasks and more time focused on more valuable activities. By using a solution to automatically notify the person involved in the handover, you can reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks as well as the chance of missing crucial details.

Better performance monitoring – Examining data from deals can give your teams a nudge on how to improve their performance at different stages in the investment process. If you discover that you are losing deals due to poor pricing, then you can make use of a tool to improve your discount levels.

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