Top VDR Software Providers

When it comes to sensitive business processes, companies require a secure platform on which they can collaborate and exchange documents with many stakeholders. Virtual Data Room (VDR) software can meet this requirement by providing a virtual repository which can be accessed by authorized users at anytime and from anyplace. There are many VDR providers to choose from which makes it a struggle for companies to select the best one.

Here are the top VDR providers to consider:

DataroomX(r):DataroomX is a top-rated VDR service that provides businesses with reliable, user-friendly online document storage. The platform uses the latest encryption and security protocols, which makes watchdox it ideal for sensitive business processes like mergers and acquisitions. It provides the unique benefit of notarial seals that adds a layer and security to documents that are stored on the platform.


Intralinks, a leader in the field of secure collaboration solutions as well as content management software, offers virtual data rooms. Their VDRs are designed to meet the needs of various industries. They place particular importance on security and collaboration functionality. They provide audit trails with detailed information to track the activities within the VDR. This promotes accountability and helps in ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements. Their support team is also available 24/7 to assist with any questions or help resolve issues. The infrastructure of the VDR is ISO certified, which means that security and quality standards at all times are maintained.


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