Choosing a Data Room Software Provider

A data room software provider provides secure online storage for your sensitive documents, which allows you to share it securely with anyone. It should be simple to use and comes with a quick learning period and 24/7 customer support.

Some VDR providers also provide additional services, such as training and consultation that can enhance communication and assist you in preparing for important deals. Other providers may provide additional features, for example, an audit trail and notification in the event of access being revoked. The benefit of these tools will depend on the type and quantity of transactions you intend to conduct.

iDeals offers advanced security features, such as encryption and 2-factor authentication, as well as an infrastructure that is constantly monitored for uptime and virus scanning. Its search engine can find any document in a matter of seconds and its optical character recognition tool performs full-text searches across files. Dynamic watermarking is another useful feature that allows users to add their logos to documents and customize the way they appear on downloading, viewing or printing.

iDeals is ideal for all businesses of all sizes and industries, making it one of the best virtual data rooms. Its user-friendly interface is simple enough for accounting professionals with no experience to understand, but sophisticated enough for senior management and CFOs to appreciate. Other noteworthy features include tracking and sharing activity, the ability create a custom-designed, and the ability set permissions for projects. iDeals offers a trial for free along with three pricing plans.


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