How to Select the Best Board Portal for Your Organization

Best Board Portal is a tool that assists the committees and boards of directors to manage their meeting activities and share information in a secure environment and make informed decisions.

Meetings of the board of directors can be very time-consuming and they require significant preparation. A portal for board meetings helps enhance efficiency by giving access to all of the necessary materials in one place, and can be easily distributed to directors as well as other stakeholders before the meeting takes place.

Modern board management software includes features that encourage collaboration and engagement, both before, during and after meetings. These include a range of ways to ensure everyone is on track and accountable as well as streamlined agenda creation, document approval and management of meeting minutes. They also have tools for creating questionnaires and surveys that can be distributed to all stakeholders to ensure that communication isn’t lost in meetings.

For directors who travel frequently using mobile devices, a mobile application is a must-have feature. Look for a portal with a mobile app and other features such as offline access or remote approvals.

When choosing a vendor look at the ease of use for each product and how it will meet the needs of your team. Also consider the vendor’s reputation and whether they are able to stand behind their product by supplying testimonials and references from current customers.

Before committing, it’s important to understand all the costs that come with a platform. Compare the pricing of different providers and look for the opportunity to test for free in order to find the best fit for your budget.


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