Coronavirus Guide

Coronavirus Guide is a curated resource for research and news articles, accessible for free for a limited time. It offers the most up-to-date scientific information on the novel coronavirus as well as hyperlinks to related content. The database is continuously updated, and can be an invaluable resource for researchers, students and educators.

SARS-CoV-2 (also called COVID-19) is a human coronavirus that causes respiratory symptoms that are similar to a common cold or board portal feature comparisons flu. It can cause serious illness, even death. The virus may attack more than your respiratory system and lungs, and may cause heart and blood vessel issues.

In addition, people who have certain medical conditions are at a higher risk of getting more severe and long-lasting illnesses. This includes those with heart disease, diabetes, or weak immune systems; those who are extremely old and children.

The CDC suggests that people stay at in their homes if they experience respiratory symptoms that last for more than 24 hours or are worse. This will prevent them from spreading the illness to others. Avoiding contact with sick people is crucial.


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