What Is Software Development?

Computers as http://www.imcsoftwarefactory.com/ well as networks, smartwatches vehicles, smartphones video games, and the countless applications that are part of our lives depend on software in order to function. These digital products and others are the creations of software developers. They are the brains behind these programs.

Software development is the process of taking an idea from concept to release. It is a process that begins with a detailed requirements analysis. This transforms the user’s needs and desires into a functional software system. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) provides the steps to follow in this process. This framework allows developers to develop superior software at a lower cost, and with a higher level of quality and within a shorter time frame than other methods.

Every software development project has to include testing. It helps ensure that applications work in accordance with specifications and are not prone to errors. Depending on the scope of the application it can be a combination of functional, regression, compatibility and load testing.

Performance testing is used for determining an application’s response times under normal and peak load, as well as the scalability. It is used to determine the network and hardware capacity required to host an application.

New technologies that require complex software programming are continually emerging which is increasing the need for developers. Examples include the internet of things, in which vehicles, homes and industrial machines are connected via sensors and microprocessors, as well being a programming system powered by artificial intelligence that allows software to perform tasks like mimicking human decision-making and learning.


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