The Relationship Between Math and Technologies

The connection between maths and technologies can affect students learning and performance. Technology that is well-thought out can be utilized to engage students, provide personalized experiences, and help the diverse needs of learners.

Mathematical software and hardware, such as graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and dynamic geometry environments let students learn mathematics in a dynamic, engaging and visually appealing way. It also lets them do calculations quickly and easily that are difficult or time-consuming with traditional pencil and paper methods. The software and hardware allow students to gain a greater understanding of concepts through visualizing the processes involved. They can also play to test their understanding using trial and trial and. 2010).

Students who employ ICT to learn math typically have positive attitudes toward the subject and show greater understanding of math as compared to those who do not. This is due to the fact that the technology allows students to experiment with new methods and strategies, which they would be less likely to try with traditional tools. In addition, the ICT can allow students to collaborate in ways that aren’t feasible in a face to face setting, and this lets them develop a sense of community with other students who are keen to learn about the same topics.

There is also evidence that technology can be effective in teaching math when used as an instrument to teach other subjects, like science and history. When students use ICT to help them understand complex concepts in other subjects, they tend to attain a greater understanding of those subjects as well as the ability to apply their knowledge to real-world problems.


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