How to Run Safe Board Meetings

There are a variety of things that districts should consider as school board meetings begin a regular schedule. It is important that parents and community members are allowed to attend school to voice their concerns for their children. However, they should do so in a way that does not compromise security or disrupt the school. Additionally, schools and districts must have plans in place to take people out of the building immediately if they’re behaving disruptively or threatening others with their actions.

For a secure and effective board meeting, it is essential to establish an organized agenda. This will allow you cover all important topics while keeping your meeting time to an absolute minimum. It will also make it easier for the attendees.

A clear agenda can aid in avoiding overwhelming your attendees with long reports and routine tasks. By stating clearly the purpose of each item is (to inform, to find information, or to reach a conclusion) your attendees will be able to focus on discussion and questions, and not get distracted by nitty-gritty details.

Lastly, choose reliable software that can be used in an on-site or virtual setting. This will allow you to organize hybrid meetings for those who do not have a private meeting room. It will make it easier to make minutes, share documents and keep track of attendance.


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