How to Organize Work in the Most Effective Way

Professional success is defined by the ability to plan tasks efficiently. It boosts efficiency, builds the capacity of leadership and boosts morale. However, many professionals struggle to efficiently manage their time and projects. Teams that are disorganized have a tendency to miss deadlines on projects, struggle with managing their time, assigning responsibilities and are low-productivity.

If you’re struggling with your individual, team or project-level organization, there are practical steps you can take to get back on the right track. Here are some suggestions to help you organize your work efficiently:

1. Organize your to-do list.

Breaking large, overwhelming tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces helps you tackle them and give you the feeling of control. It also helps reduce mental disturbances caused by task switching, which is the process of switching between applications or tasks. This saps your energy and impedes concentration. 2. Set up organization breaks.Those little distractions–the chit-chat with a colleague and the sudden phone call or disruptive messages on Slack can quickly become overwhelming and ruin your day. Set a five-minute timer to keep on track. Utilize this time to file away any stray documents, store supplies, and tidy your workspace.

3. Organize project work.

The organization of your files and assignments in a proper place reduces the amount of time spent searching for them, freeing up more time to work on important projects. It also improves the quality of your work since you’re less likely to miss deadlines when everything is in its right place.


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