How to Get the Most Out of an Online Board Meeting

An online board meeting is a video meeting that is attended by remote participants. Virtual meetings are designed to be more accessible for people who are unable to attend in person due to commitments at work health issues, time constraints.

Participating remotely can bring a variety of advantages, such as saving money on travel costs and reducing time lost due to scheduling conflicts. There are however some key differences between an in-person and online meetings that could affect the effectiveness of the discussion.

It can be hard to pick up on visual cues such as facial expressions and body language when you’re not in the same room with other participants. This can decrease the level of engagement in online meetings, particularly when the board directors are unfamiliar with the technology or are having difficulty using it.

One option is to utilize a whiteboard-like feature in the boardroom software to inspire participants to share their ideas and collaborate. Another option is recording the meeting, so board members who are unable to attend can look over the meeting minutes afterward. Recordings can also be useful to share with new board members.

To ensure that everyone can be heard and clearly seen during the virtual meeting, it’s essential to do a technology run-through prior to the meeting’s start. You can avoid issues during a meeting by checking for things such as updates to your computer software as well as camera settings and microphone settings. Instructing everyone to muffle themselves when they’re not speaking can help to reduce background noises and distractions.

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